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    ADP Technology
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    OMNIA Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics Suite

COSMED provides the most accurate body composition products based on Air Displacement Plethysmography technology (ADP), considered the “Practical Gold Standard” in body composition assessment. Our body composition solutions include the BOD POD® and the PEA POD® Body Composition Tracking Systems, which are used extensively in university and medical research, clinical, athletic, military, and health and wellness settings throughout the world.

COSMED is renowned worldwide for its comprehensive cardiopulmonary and metabolic solutions (spirometry, pulmonary function, indirect calorimetry, cardio pulmonary exercise testing, etc.) for the medical, research, sport science and performance, and wellness markets, along with a worldwide structure for responding to the needs of their clients. 


COSMED state-of-the-art pulmonary function testing equipment at the US War Related Illness and Injury Study Center… https://t.co/aFXfjz0J7j