Modular Spirometry Lab
Quark Spiro: Ultimate modular spirometry lab for bronchial challenge and airway resistance tests

Modular Spirometry Laboratory for bronchial challenge and airways resistance test

  • Full Spirometry testing (FVC, SVC, MVV, Pre/Post BD)
  • Three flowmeter configurations available: digital turbine; multi and single-use pneumotach
  • Integrated dosimeter for accurate and easy bronchial challenge tests (optional)
  • Wide range of options and accessories available (Airway resistance by Interrupter Technique, integrated SPO2 monitor, etc)
  • Low maintenance costs, no technical expertise required
  • User friendly software and advanced features with new generation OMNIA Suite
  • Meet latest ATS/ERS standards


  • Quark SPIRO is a modern laboratory for complete spirometry testing, with additional sophisticated applications like integrated dosimeter and airway resistance modules. The system is fully modular and offer a choice among three different flowmeter configurations: digital turbine, multi-use pneumotach (X9) and single use pneumotach (Flowsafe). Low maintenance costs, thanks to its iInnovative “plug and play” design, make Quark Spiro the Quark PFT the perfect laboratory for accurate, frequent and reliable spirometry. The system fully complies with ATS/ ERS recommendations for respiratory functionality tests.

    Quark Spiro Brochure: Italian - English
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  • quarkspiro testiconsSpirometry
    Forced/Slow Vital Capacity
    Maximum Voluntary Ventilation
    Respiratory pattern
    Bronchial Challenge Test (Pre-Post)
    Bronchial Dilator Test

    Optional modules:
    Airway Resistance (Rocc/Rint)
    Integrated dosimeter
    Integrated Pulse Oximetry (SpO2)

Recommended Applications

Clinical Trials, Pneumology, Respiratory